Questionaire Request
Hello, everyone :)
I am designing a Online TestMaker which allows the teachers to save their time and effort. May I ask your help to share this link if you know any school teachers? I would like to have their participation in filling in the below questionnaire

I will be really grateful if you are willing to help me :)
Thank you very much

(no subject)
Happy Birthday Hyun Joong Oppa!!!!

(no subject)
I don't believe that there's a guy like him!!
It's just ridiculuos!!
He's a jerk!
Just imagine it, he already has a girlfriend yet yesterday he asked me to hold his hand (Luckily I refused it) and today my bestfriend told me that he touched her forehead!!
As a girl I feel being underestimated...
I can't believe it, I force myself to believe that he has changed, he is not the old him anylonger...
But I am wrong, totally wrong.
Last month he confessed to my bestfriend as well as his girlfriend at the same time..
And I told my friend to ignore him...
It really makes me angry everytime I remember it


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